If you’ve ever experienced your tire’s valve stem caps repeatedly stolen or the air let out of them by the neighborhood kids; then you know that feeling of violation and frustration when there’s nothing you can do reasonably, outside of investing in an expensive security system.

Well now there is, several years ago I had my car’s tires vandalized once too often; I used my engineering background and designed a cap that stopped them in their tracks, and have proven the design worldwide for the past 10-years! Below are some of the key features of this amazing innovative cap.

Patented locking mechanism and key prevents them from being unscrewed by hand; once
installed they spin freely and cannot be removed without the key.
No more air being let out of your tires by the neighborhood kids or stolen caps.
Prevents the unintentional release or contamination of Nitrogen filled tires.
They are a direct replacement for all tire valve stem caps, one size fits all.
Fits: Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Etc…, Foreign and Domestic.

Protects your investment and enhances the look of your wheels.

What are Spin-Caps?
A: Spin-Caps are direct replacements for your standard valve stem caps used on every vehicle’s tire worldwide; with the only difference being that they lock onto the valve stem, and cannot be removed without the unique key supplied with the caps.

Q: How are they manufactured?
A: Spin-Caps Chromies, as their name implies, are machined from solid brass and triple chrome plated for a durable finish, with a neoprene o-ring to protect the valve’s inlet from contamination.

And our next generation Spin-Caps called Two-Tone, due to the inner core being black against the silver metallic outer sleeve, are machined from billet aluminum and an engineered polymer called Delrin®; which reduces the overall weight considerably with the unique combination of hardness, chemical and wear resistance not usually found in other resins, the inner core has an integral seal to prevent the elements from contaminating the valve’s inlet.

Spin-Caps keys are machined from billet aluminum, and can be attached to a key ring.

Q: What are B-Stock Spin-Caps?
A: These are Chromies that have a slight blemish on their outer surface, virtually undetectable with the naked eye; they function exactly the same as our pristine Spin-Caps, but did not pass our vigorous quality control inspection, and are covered by the same warranty.

Two-Tone Spin-Caps are highly recommended when installing on aluminum valves stems, such as those used with automatic air pressure sensors!

Each Set of Spin-Caps Comes with 4-Caps, 2-Keys and Rings!

Two Tone: Full-Knurl, Split-Knurl and Tri-Cut Caps.
Click on the photo above for a close-up view of all three styles!

Two Tone Full-Knurl with Keys.
Please note that the keys and/or rings might differ from the photo above!

Note: The Split-Knurl Chromies are discontinued, they are only available in B-Stock!

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